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UIR: Unified Incident Response

For years, the legacy approach to achieve centralized data access and analysis has seen companies pursue getting their data in one place and in one format, but this poses a big challenge:

Organizations are unable to centralize all of their security data into a single data repository.

Only Query.AI gives you consistent access to all your data regardless of where it is stored without first moving it to a central location. 

Learn how Query.AI:

  • REDUCES COSTS: Get centralized insights with significant cost savings over legacy approaches that require spending precious security budget to duplicate data to achieve centralized processing.

  • REDUCE RISKS: Achieve situational awareness with enterprise visibility across data silos and leverage workflows to ensure consistency in security investigations.

  • GAIN EFFICIENCIES: Leverage existing tool investments, through a unified interface with easy access to data and faster MTTD and MTTR for security investigations.